Organic acids have been used for decades in feed preservation, protecting feed from microbial and fungal contamination or to increase preservation effect of fermented feed. Inclusion of organic acids blends (OAB) in poultry and swine diet have shown improvement in animal production performance by increase nutrient digestibility without public health concern. Orgacids is a light …

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Mamimune 200ml

Mamimune 200ml is an oral pump emulsion based dozer for both species: Swine and Ruminant. The product act as energy supplement, enhance immunity, rapid and high bioavailability and improve survival rate. Packaging size: 200ml Mamimune brochure for Cat Dog.pdf Mamimune brochure for piglets.pdf Mamimune for Goat Brochure.pdf

Mamimune 100ml

Mamimune 100ml is an oral pump daily food supplement for companion animals. It is essential for newborn puppies & kittens as vital energy source and immune enhancer. Mamimune 100ml contains active ingredients such as MCT (for readily absorbable energy source) & Vitamin B (stimulate appetite and enhance body stamina). Packaging size: 100ml Mamimune brochure for …

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Vita-Stress* is a concentrate soluble multi-vitamin supplement recommended for use to control stress, improve livestock productivity, prevent vitamin deficiency and for disease supportive treatment. Packaging size: 200g Vita-stress (EN).pdf


Vita-dox is a nutrient supplement of vitamins. It helps in stimulating immunity response, acts favorably in stress, change in diet and deficient quality of feed. It also helps to improve the hatching rate, egg fertility, prevent embryo necrobiosis, prevent cannibalism of poultry and fur animals. The conventional lipid soluble vitamin requires participation of bile for …

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Valoxin 625mg_g

Valoxin 625mg/g granules is a water-soluble feed addditive for poultry. Valoxin 625mg/g Granules is an off-white granules. Each gram contains 625mg of Tylvalosin (as tartrate) as its active ingredient. Indications: Chickens: Treatment and metaphylaxis of respiratory infections caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum. The presence of the disease in the flock should be established before metaphylactic treatment. …

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Trimetovet 24%

Trimetovet 24% is a therapeutic injectable for ruminant and swine. Trimetovet 24% Injection is a yellow to light reddish brown clear solution. Each ml contains 200mg sulpfadiazine and 40mg trimethoprim as active ingredients, and 10mg benzyl alcohol as its preservative. Indications: Gastrointestinal and respiratory infections caused by trimethoprim and sulfadiazine sensitive microorganisms, like E. coli, …

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Trimetomix 40%

Trimetomix 40% is a therapeutic feed additive for poultry and swine. Trimetomix 40% Powder is a white powder. Each kg contains 66.70g trimethoprim and 333.30g sulphadiazine as its active ingredients. Indications: Pigs: For use in the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria sensitive to the combination sulphadiazine:trimethoprim. It reduces mortality from streptococcal meningitis caused by …

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Tridiasol 48%

Tridiasol 48% is a water-soluble therapeutic agent for poultry and swine. Tridiasol 48% Suspension is an opaque white to light brown suspension. Each litre contains 400g sulphadiazine and 80g trimethoprim as its active ingredients. Indications: Swine: For the treatment and control of diseases sensitive to trimethoprim / sulphadiazine in pigs, in particular the respiratory disease …

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Tributyrin 60% powder

Tributyrin is a triglyceride containing 3 butyric acid that has slow release effect. This ensure uniform absorption of butyric acid along the gastrointestinal tract. Key Features: Import energy source for colonocytes Promote proliferation of intestinal cells Further enhances intestinal barrier and immune status Prevent enteritis and nutritional diarrhea Packaging size: N/A Tributyrin (EN_CN).pdf